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Why Bite Rite?

Bite Rite Orthodontics is a full service orthodontic and denture laboratory offering a product unlike any other. We specialize in fixed, functional and removable appliances where all of our work is custom crafted on site under the supervision of a Registered Dental Technician.

Night/Bruxism Guards

With the vast assortment and choices of Night Guards and Bruxism appliances in today’s market place, we know how difficult it can be to choose the appropriate fit for your patients. Whether it be thermal, dual or hard acrylic night guards, Bite Rite Laboratories has the knowledge and know how to help guide you through.


We understand that dentures can be complicated for practitioners and difficult for patients to wear. That’s why our step-by-step fabrication and communication process is able to produce an esthetic ‘true to life’ result that both you and your patients will absolutely love. All of our dentures offer a high level of fit and functionality with the individual characteristics of each patient always kept in mind.

Fixed/Removable Appliances

So you are looking to tip, torque, rotate, hold, extrude, intrude, splint, mesialize and distalize teeth—no problem! Bite Rite Laboratories has the awareness and knowledge to provide our practioners with the most practical and proficient options available. Our professional practice standards and quality assurance techniques guarantee both practitioner and patient success.