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Why work with us?

It’s undeniable that our service is what makes us so special. What do we offer?

Case Consultation

  • • 24/7 technical advice and in-office case consultations
  • • Instant e-mail, phone, and bbm response

Pick-Up and Delivery

  • • Same day pick-up in our 'Receiving Zones'
  • • For out of town offices we provide
    next day pick-up/delivery - FREE!


  • • All wet impressions within our same day pick-up zones are poured up within minutes of arriving at the laboratory
  • • Providing the most accurate fit- no alginate refrigeration! 

Working Time

  • • Boasting 3-4 day in lab turn around time
  • • Quicker and more efficient then the rest!

Added Incentives

  • • All removable appliances come packaged with a bright and colourful plastic storage container at NO Added Charge!!!

A Unique Toronto-Based
Orthodontic Laboratory

Bite Rite Orthodontics is a full service orthodontic and denture laboratory offering a product unlike any other.

We specialize in fixed, functional and removable appliances and prosthetics where all of our work is custom crafted under the supervision of a Registered Dental Technician. From simple to complicated complex cases, Bite Rite Orthodontics will be with you every step of the way.

Located in Thornhill, Vaughan and providing our services to doctors throughout the GTA and Ontario, our mission is to provide undeniable quality and customer care that saves our dentists chair time and ensures every patient walks away with the Bite Rite.

We are able to provide experienced, educated and qualified technicians alongside today’s newest and most innovative techniques giving you the result, product and service you continuously have been striving towards.

When you’ve got the Bite Rite logo on your box you can be assured of one thing- quality every time. So whether it’s your first time designing a case, or you’ve been doing it for over 50 years, check out why our reputation here at Bite Rite Orthodontics is beginning to grow!

Bite Rite Bio

Howie Izraelski is currently part of the technologist staff training new students and future dental technology graduates at George Brown College in both Orthodntic and Denture fabrications. He graduated with his undergrad Honors B.A. in Business and Society from York University in 2004, and from there went on to complete a 3 year Dental Technology degree from George brown College. In 2009 he received his R.D.T. certification from the CDTO and in the summer of 2010 was proud to launch Bite Rite Orthodontics Laboratories. Exemplifying a passion for Orthodontics and having experience in denture clinics, Ortho laboratories as well as volunteering countless clinical hours, he is now proud to bring his experience and knowledge to you!