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Dual Laminate
Night Guard

The Dual Laminate Night Guard is a biocompatible alternative to both thermoplastic and hard acrylic night guards. The Dual Lam is essentially the best of both worlds. It combines a soft lining tissue surface with a hard exterior acrylic. The relative neatness and compactness of the appliance has come to be widely accepted amongst practitioners and patients alike.


This technique has made a profound and powerful impact on its way back into mainstream dentistry. The indirect bonding system has many advantages that include: accuracy, low cost, reduced chair time and ease. Through a transfer tray system, brackets are first placed on the model at the laboratory and then directly and accurately transferred to a clear vinyl tray that is then transposed and light cured directly in the oral cavity.

V-Loop Bonded
Lingual Retainer

The V-Loop is an innovative design that allows the patient to floss with ease. The inter dental wire span of the V-loop design allows easier access for flossing and can be made of either straight, or braided wire. Patient acceptance of the V-loop bonded lingual retainer is excellent as most patients find the retainer to be comfortable and easy to floss with.