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3-3 Spring Retainer

To correct minor crowding, rotation and relapses, this 3-3 spring retainer is the most comfortable and unobtrusive for patient use. Teeth that are to be aligned are cut from the original model and repositioned as a set-up. The spring retainer is then fabricated to its new position.

Super Spring Retainer

A separate labial bow & lingual spring element allow for excellent flexibility as well as greater durability and retention. The addition of the two double helical coils is able to provide a constant and simultaneous labio-lingual force. The exposed wire of coils provides greater adjustability, and superior flexibility. The super spring retainer has proven to be one of the most effective aligning appliances.

Essix Aligners

Invisible tray aligners are extremely popular amongst patients and doctors who are looking for an aesthetic solution for minor to intermediate anterior tooth mal-alignments. Through a series of clear essix tray aligners, slight rotations, diastemas and crowding can be resolved.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are placed immediately after the patients teeth have been extracted. Although it does provide a certain amount of esthetics and function, it is not meant to function as a full denture. Approximately six months following the extraction and wear of the immediate denture, a reline, re-base or new denture will need to be fabricated.

Full Dentures

Full upper and lowed dentures are fabricated to a correct bite in order to replace esthetics and function. Using a precise standard of practice including: custom trays, bite blocks, and a try-in process, we ensure both the patient and practitioner are extremely satisfied.

Cast Partial Dentures

Upper and/or lower cast partial dentures are used to replace patients missing natural teeth using a metal framework. This type of design has numerous advantages over its thumb partial counterpart including: stability, retention, longevity, tissue resorption, hygiene and various others.

Thumb Partial

Known better as a ‘flipper’, this prosthetic is commonly used as a transitional device before cast partial dentures, implants, or full dentures are worn. Missing natural teeth are replaced using an acrylic base and clasps are added for retention as necessary.


This removable appliance is used to equally expand the arch. An expansion screw is embedded in the acrylic plate, while a labial bow and adams clasps are used for anchorage and retention. Additional clasping for even greater retention between the bicuspids is optional, as well as occlusal coverage on all posterior teeth.


Crowding may be alleviated through the use of sagittal appliances. This type of appliance is able to move anterior teeth labially, free up crowded space or distalize molars. Through the use of properly positioned expansion screws, and clasping for retention, both maxillary and mandibular sagittal appliances allow for proper expansion and case treatment.

Rapid Palatal Expander-Hyrax

Designed for quick and efficient expansion, this appliance breaks the patients median suture thus allowing for easy expansion with minimum resistance. This all metal hygienic appliance is typically fabricated with bands on the first molars and lingual bars extending to the first bicuspid. The RPE can also be used as a slow expander depending on the number of times activated daily/weekly.

Rapid Palatal Expander-Haas

With the same desired effects as a Hyrax, the difference is the screw placed in the center of the palate is embedded in an acrylic casing.


This all-metal hygienic appliance uses a small 12mm single-arm-screw. Due to its relative compact nature and size, it is one of the more comfortable lower expanders for patients and is primarily bonded to first molars.


This appliance has an anterior acrylic pad with an expansion screw embedded within. The acrylic pad is attached to lingual bars extending to first molar bands. The Gordon expander is designed to expand the width of the lower arch primarily in the anterior region, however it can also provide some molar expansion and buccal torque.

'W' Arch

This appliance may be used on either maxillary or mandibular arches and is simplistic, yet extremely effective. Unlike the RPE, the W-Arch does not expand the whole upper arch but instead widens only the teeth in the arch form. It is a fixed appliance bonded to the permanent molars and expands at a slow rate without parental intervention.

Quad Helix

This appliance is the same overall shape as the 'W' Arch but with includes the addition of extra helixes. Two are placed in the sub-gingival areas distal to the molar bands and two are placed near the anterior rugae. The extra helixes allow for further movement and positioning options.

Removable Space Regainer

These acrylic regainers are clasped for retention and incorporate a small acrylic screw where distalization needs to occur. Removable regainers have proven to be extremely effective and efficient.

Bonded Lingual Retainer w/ matrix

Fabricated out of braided or straight wire, lingual wires are bent to adapt to at least one contact point per tooth. A matrix is then made to aid in the seating and bonding process.

Bonded Lingual Retainer w/ custom pads

Fabricated out of straight wire, these wires are bent to adapt to at least one contact point per tooth. Acrylic tooth shade pads are then made and vacuum formed into a light easy bonding transfer tray.

Bonded V-Loop Retainer

Fabricated out of braided or straight wire, the v-loop design enables patients to floss with ease interdentally.

Indirect Bonding

Brackets are marked and placed directly on the model. They are then vacuum formed into a transfer tray for easy cementing and bonding.

Fixed Lingual Arch

Wire is contoured to the lingual's of the teeth and soldered to bands on the first molars. This appliance may also incorporate adjustment loops in the bicuspid area or posts and tubes for easier removal.


This holding appliance stabilizes the arch and prevents mesial drifting of the molars. An acrylic button is attached between two soldered straight-arm wires.


The Trans Palatal Arch is soldered to the molar bands and bent with a center loop to allow slight molar adjustments. As well, it functions to maintain the positions of the first molars during posterior expansion.

Band Loop Space Maintainer

A wire loop is soldered to a band in order to prevent tooth movement, as well as maintain space for un-erupting teeth. Various design possibilities include adjustment loops, occlusal rests, and buccal off-sets.

Band Loop Space Regainer

Uses a coil spring to apply consistent pressure and regain any lost space.

Distal Jet

This appliance is fixed to the lingual and can perform both unilateral and bilateral molar distalization and rotation correction.


This appliance is fixed and designed to move the molars distally. Typically this appliance is used to correct crowding, however expansion screws can be added to the acrylic body if more space is required.

Bionator/Elastic Open Activator

This removable appliance is designed to aid in the correction of patients with a class II malocclusion. Designed to aid in the skeletal correction of the muscles, the Bionator can advance the mandible for orthodontic corrections. Screws lingual to the lower incisors, as well as additional retention can be added to this appliance.

Twin Block

Achieving the same results as a bionator, the twin block is designed as two separate removable appliances designed to advance the mandible. The twin block appliance consists of interlocking posterior bite blocks in a protruded mandibular position and is known for its comfort and functionality.


This class III functional correcting appliance is fabricated as one solid acrylic unit using the provided construction bite. This appliance will aid in the correction of class III malocclusion cases and has had successful results. It can also be modified to incorporate springs.

Removable Habit Breaker

Habit breaking appliances can be fabricated into a removable acrylic plate or incorporated into various other appliances.

Habit Breaker & Expander

For patients that have crowding, cross bite or other spacing issues as well as a thumb sucking/tongue thrusting habit, expansion screws can incorporated into the fabrication process.

Fixed Habit Breaker

This fixed appliance incorporates a vertical crib that prevents the tongue and thumb from thrusting and sucking actions. Fences, ball claps, sharp edges, or spikes may be incorporated if it all desired.

Blue Grass

Yet another option for the fixed habit breaker is the Blue Grass appliance. This appliance has a roller that prevents the finger or thumb from resting against the palate, or the roof of the mouth.

Night Guard Appliances:

***All of our night guards are trimmed with working and balancing excursion contacts in order to save our dentists precious chair time***

Acrylic Night Guard

Fabricated using a hard acrylic over the maxillary or mandibular arch with a flat occlusal surface for even contact with the opposing arch. Ball clasps can be added to provide additional retention. Extremely durable!

Mt. Sinai Night Guard

A very popular and non-evasive appliance. This guard is made out of a hard acrylic over the posterior teeth on the mandibular arch, with complete relief to the anterior teeth. Posterior bite pads are connected with a reinforcing wire to add strength and stability.

Dual Laminate Night Guard

A thermoformed splint formed with soft EVA material on the tissue side, while hard acrylic contacts the teeth on the opposing arch. Tremendous comfort and resilience!

Thermoplastic Night Guard

This guard when warmed under tap water becomes pliable for patient fit and comfort. It also provides optimum retention with a 100% elasticity memory and non-warping. This guard is perfect for any patients with restorative work.


Anterior Ramp

This maxillary Deprogrammer features a small anterior stop that contacts the lower anterior centrals. It can be worn at night to relieve muscle fatigue and migraines or headaches. Various styles are available including full upper arch, 3-3 and the wrap-around Hawley design to name a few.

Sleep Appliances:

Sleep Appliance

This appliance is worn during sleep and positions the mandible in such a way as to prevent the soft tissues from collapsing and thereby constricting the airway. This sleep appliance is custom fabricated to fit each patient and their unique condition. This appliance functions by holding the mandible in a protruded and slightly open position, thereby reducing or eliminating the snoring habit.


This self-adjusting appliances incorporates all the standard clasps and arches of the traditional hawley retainer. However, buccal tubes are soldered to the labial bow with a second hawley wire placed through allowing for retraction of the anterior teeth. Acrylic is relieved lingual to the anterior teeth allowing the auto-hawley to lingualize the anteriors automatically.

Upper Hawley Retainer

Used to stabilize dentition, retainers are the most commonly fabricated appliance in the orthodontic laboratory. We can fabricate virtually any combination of components into most retainers including clasps, springs, screws, loops, habit breakers & acrylic features such as bite plates & occlusal coverage.

Lower Hawley Retainer

Produces the same desired effects as the Upper Hawley Retainer, just on the lower arch.

Hawley Retainer with Springs

Soldered or acrylic springs can be incorporated into basic Hawley Retainers in order to tip, torque, rotate, mesialize, distalize, labialize and lingualize teeth.

Circumferential/ Wrap Around Hawley

Similar to the Hawley design the Circumferential retainer uses a wire that continues along the posterior teeth and forms a circumferential clasp around the first or second molar. Stabilizing wires may be incorporated into the design to support the arch wire. This appliance is preferred when there is limited interproximal-occlusal space or minor spaces that need to be closed.

Holding Appliance

This acrylic bi-lateral space maintainer enables the dentition to be passively held throughout the course of the patients mixed dentition phase.

Bleaching Trays

Formed on maxillary and mandibular arches with die relief on labial surfaces of the teeth to allow space for the bleaching agent during wear.

Mouth Guards

Protective Mouthguards can be made in any thickness from 1mm up, in clear or your choice of colors and can be formed over brackets and other appliances if necessary. A definite must in preventative damage for all competitive athletes, regardless of age and skill level.

Essix Retainers

This vacuum formed retainer is a clear or transparent retainer that fits over the entire arch. It is an effective alternative to an acrylic Hawley retainer and is used post bracketing treatments, and to hold teeth in a passive state.